Wednesday, April 5, 2017

On This Date in History

My family's comically oversized computer, brand new in 1994, came with a complimentary Sports Illustrated: 1993 Year in Review CD-Rom. The images from that video compilation are as fresh in my mind today as they were in '94, for I watched that video hundreds of times, truly fascinated with this sports thing: Bama's George Teague stripping the ball from Miami in the Sugar Bowl -- "He takes the ball away from him! He's got the ball!"; Mario Lemieux announcing his diagnosis of Hodgkin's disease; "Marty McSorley has been playing with an illegal stick"; America's Team, and the team of grade school boys across America, The Cowboys, winning the Super Bowl. But most prominent is the incredulous cry of the announcer, "He takes a timeout! They Don't Have any timeouts!" as Chris Webber found himself trapped in the corner amidst defenders cloaked in Carolina blue. The seconds ticking away on the Fab Five era and on the national championship game, Webber had formed a "T" with his hands whilst tucking the ball under his arm. "Technical Foul! Technical foul!"

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