Wednesday, March 15, 2017

You Can't Win

"Looking back at it, it seems to me that I was blown here and there like a dead leaf whipped about by the autumn winds till at last it finds lodgment in some cozy fence corner. When I left school at fourteen I was as unsophisticated as a boy could be; I knew no more of the world and its strange ways than the gentle, saintly woman who taught me my prayers in the Convent. Before my twentieth birthday I was on the docket of criminal court, on trial for burglary."

"I also learned to play ball (football), marbles, and, I must admit, hooky, the most fascinating of all small boy games. These new games, and so many other interesting new things, soon crowded the prayers into the background of my mind, but not entirely out of it. I said them no more at night and morning, nor any other time, but I still remember them, and I believe now, after forty prayer-less years, I could muster a passable prayer if an occasion required it."

- Jack Black, You Can't Win

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