Saturday, February 4, 2017

"Better to Starve in Ishpeming than to Wear Emeralds in Chicago"

written in 1959 yet by some means of dystopian idiocracy still applicable today:

"If it weren't for mining I suppose [Marquette] county'd still belong to the Indians. Instead it now belongs mostly to the Iron Cliffs Ore Company and the other smaller mining companies and, what's left over, to the descendants of the Finns and Scandanavians, the French, Italians and Cornish, and the Irish and handful of Germans (including Grandpa and Grandma Biegler), who luckily landed here many years before an all-American Senator named Patrick McCarran, ironically himself the descendant of immigrants, had discovered that these yearning peoples were henceforth more properly to be known as quotas, and had run up a tall legislative fence around Ellis Island."

- Robert Traver, Anatomy of a Murder
(aka John D. Voelker, Michigan Supreme Court Justice 1956-1960)

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