Monday, January 16, 2012

This Train is Shipping Jobs Out of Cleveland

For a day, college lived again as me and the old college buddies converged upon the city of Cleveland for the (supposed) purpose of watching the Michigan-Ohio State outdoor hockey game at Progressive Field.

Things that happened in Cleveland, in no particular order:

- Dan lost a front tooth. Okay, it is only chipped, but if you can picture Lloyd Christmas in your head, you know that it is just plain bad.
- Zola payed a homeless person $7 to walk him back to our hotel.
- Bartender at the hotel bar refused to serve Paul. Paul stormed off with the exclamation, "Thanks for the service!"
- Dan placed half of his said chipped tooth on the bar and offered it as a form of payment.
- Dan was asked to leave the hotel bar.
- Ross was not seen in over 2 hours, and apparently he was busy walking back to the hotel in a stupod over 5 miles home from the suburbs of Cleveland.
- A complaint was filed at the hotel that "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" was playing too loudly from our room.
- Over $200 was spent on Jager bombs.

Despite all of these occurrences, perhaps nothing was more despicable than the voicemails that my friends left from my phone.

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