Thursday, May 5, 2011

In Pursuit of Lord Stanley: 2011 Final Edition

After last evening's debacle I resolved that I was done with hockey for the year (besides casually watching the rest of the playoff's). My mind would no longer be invested in the thought of a Cup. So I didn't expect that I'd be writing any more of these types of posts; it would be too difficult to rehash the agony of defeat.

Another instance of eerie irony befell me today, though, prompting this post. You might recall from my last post that as I was trying to elude any hockey-related thoughts last Saturday after the Game 1 defeat, a random scene featuring the Stanley Cup popped up in a completely non-sports related movie I was watching (One Week is the name of it). It was as if the sports gods were adamant about rubbing it in.

Today, the sports gods were really rubbing it in. While on an excursion to the grocery store, I couldn't believe what song I was hearing at the grocery store: Frankie Valli - December, 1963 (What a Night).

This is the exact song that they blared at Joe Louis Arena during the Joe-Vision I was in attendance for after the Wings beat the Capitals in Game 4 of the 1998 Stanley Cup. I'll remember that song playing as confetti fell from the rafters and Detroiters jubilantly rejoiced for the rest of my life. Again, an eerie event that triggered thoughts of Lord Stanley when I least wanted to think about Lord Stanley.

Yet another example of the cruel sense of hujmor of the sports gods.

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