Friday, February 18, 2011

"Every Season has its Poison"

When I started this blog I intended for it to be (in part) an avenue for me to post some of the good quotes I come across in books I'm reading. In 2007 I started keeping an old notebook of the quotes I liked from books, so I might drag some quotes out of the depths of that notebook from time to time. The apparent, but misleading, changing of the seasons this past week got me to thinking about this one:

"He told me that I was an 'autumn type,' as was he, and good British gin, ice cold, tastes like autumn. Hence I would drink gin. 'Every season has its poison,' he said, explaining that vodka tastes like summer, scotch tastes like winter, and bourbon tastes like spring."

- J.R. Moehringer, "The Tender Bar"

Given the recent warm spell we've gotten in the Midwest, I'm longing for some bourbon right now. In my own mind, spring doesn't officially start until I've taken that first glorious sip from the first batch of mint juleps of the year -- truly the nectar of the gods.

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